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First steps in London,
Find the school √
Find the flat : big big fight.

Let’s be pessimistic/realist : London is bloody expensive. I’ve been looking for a room with my boyfriend : zone 1 or 2 ? 800, when you are lucky. Spareroom and gumtree are good website to look. During my research I developed a massive anger to agent.
I tried, they said « 850 for a double room ? No sorry », like i’m a poor chav cat. So I decided to do without. But you can’t do without : they are everywhere.
You see this little box « no agent » that you can tick? Bullshit. « Alex, live out landlord » bullshit. When you contact the person, always ask if there’s any agency fee. It can go from a week rent to 200 each (I wish I was joking).
Anyway when at the end you accept that you got 10% chance to fall on a real landlord, you are going to visit this room. When they show up. Yes yesterday we were 5 to wait one hour for a landlord, it turned up that it was a joke. Hmmmm great.

My advice : At the end, no pressure about the zone where you are. All the places we visited in zone 1 or 2 were sucking seriously, and we found something in zone 3, longer maybe but the room is huge, with a balcony, and we can survive and still have money to feed ourself every month. So zone 3 and more : further but price cheaper, room (much) bigger, district more classy. :-)

So I’m now moving in 2 days, ready for a new life and new experiences in the 2nd fashion capital !

Update : I know I’ve been really pessimistic in this article but people moving to London will understand my feeling


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