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My main motivation for this website is to show some outfits, unfortunately my colombian (who is also my boyfriend) is only free two days per week to take pictures, which doesn’t make things easy ! That’s why during these “empty” periods I’m more active on Instagram.

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First, thank you thank you thank you, I’ve never had that many visits than with the publication of this article, which is of course thanks to my french girls living in London. I also received lots of messages and I was really happy ! 

On Monday I went to Winter Wonderland, in Hyde Park, and it was terribly great. As I’m afraid of everything but especially to make a heart attack I didn’t do any attraction, but the atmosphere is really cool, there’s good mood, smiles, mull wine and nutella waffles everywhere ! I like so much Christmas period. However I’ve been quite surprised that with everything that happens these days, they don’t check the bags at the entrance… just my opinion



On Wednesday, need shampoo, back at home with three bags. I’ve been victim of Primark, Tiger and H&M. You know…

#neverwithoutmypugcup. You’ll notice that I’m crazy about everything that is bulldog, pugs, and ugly dogs in general. 

Order at ASOS = happiness for the whole day. I ordered some shoes that I received used and dirty (…!). I complained. The morning after 10 am, I received a new pair. Thank you ASOS. 🙂

I’m preparing a little HAUL for the end of the week. Well you know… When you work in Zara you got a discount… And when it’s black friday, it is 50% on everything. Oups I wanna cry !!! So you can’t guess how many things I’m about to buy tomorrow.

I’m also inviting you to follow me on Snapchat, where I’m also really active :  ANAELLECDT. 

VIDE DRESSING : For those who asked, it will be on the 13th of December, I’m still looking for the place, of course in London (which will be the easiest to get by tube, and big enough!) so I let you know. If you have any ideas or want to participate, don’t hesitate and write to me on FacebookTwitter or by leaving a comment. I’m super excited !


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  1. I love these pictures that you combined. You look really beautiful. It’s great that you had a good time in Hyde Park 🙂

    Have a nice day!


  2. sweet pictures darling
    would you like to pass from my blog?
    I wish you an happy day
    a big kiss
    <<< fashion blogger >>>

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